"The future is NOW!"

Voters seized the day and, on July 29, chose overwhelmingly in favor of all four issues on the ballot in the Referendum to Legalize Alcohol Sales in Asheboro. Voters approved on and off premises sale of malt beverages by 60.5 percent to 39.5 percent (4,000 votes to 2,612); on and off premises sale of unfortified wine by 61.12 percent to 38.88 percent (4,039 votes to 2,659); operation of ABC stores by 59.65 percent to 40.35 percent (3,942 votes to 2,666); and sale of mixed beverages in hotels, restaurants, private clubs, community theaters and convention centers by 61.97 percent to 38.03 percent (4,085 votes to 2,507). Voter turnout topped 54 percent. Get full results here.

It's Time: A vote FOR Asheboro's future!

We are a group of citizens, leaders and business people who want to improve the economy of Asheboro by creating new jobs through bringing in new businesses, and building a tourism industry that fully benefits from our local tourist attractions like the N.C. Zoo. Legalizing and controlling the sale of alcohol will help our Tourism Development Authority recruit new restaurants and hotels which will create jobs and earn property and sales tax revenue.

The July 29 referendum for the controlled sale of alcohol is about Asheboro's economic future, and the quality of life and well-being of our community.

It's about economic growth and new opportunities for Asheboro. We know from our Tourism Development Authority and Chamber of Commerce that new restaurants, hotels and shops will be more willing to open here if we legalize the sale of alcohol. Visitors to the Zoo and other attractions could then stay here instead of Greensboro because we'll have more lodging and restaurants. With the manufacturing economy hurting, we need these new jobs

This referendum is about keeping millions in tax revenue here at home rather than funding local budgets in nearby communities. It's about additional tax dollars for our schools, police and public services without raising taxes. It's about Asheboro being competitive in a global economy. It's about the future. Now is the time...





Voices FOR the future of Asheboro

Dr. Jody Osborne, Keith Crisco, Jim Luther and Brooke Schmidly speak on the importance of the alcohol referendum to the future of Asheboro


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