Studies debunk legal sales opponents

Study shows dry counties are NOT effective in improving highway safety. (NOTE: Abstract available online; read the full medical journal article at Committee for the Future of Asheboro headquarters, 100 Sunset Avenue, Asheboro.

  • Arkansas study finds that dry counties have higher rates of alcohol-related traffic fatalities than do wet counties. More.
  • Study shows that "dry county distinction does not result in significantly lower rates of DUI arrest...."
  • Memphis State study shows that distance "is is significantly and negatively related to rate of alcohol-related injury crashes...."
  • The DWI arrest rate is higher in "dry" Asheboro (.0077) than in "wet" Greensboro (.0034) and High Point (.0046). (Sources: 2007 arrest figures provided by the Randolph County District Attorney's Office and US Census population data, 2006 estimates.) Learn more.

Costs of obesity and tobacco use dramatically exceed those associated even with overindulgence in alcohol.

Research scientist David Anderson, author of "Ensuring Solutions to Alcohol Problems," says local opponents of legal sales/control misused his alcohol cost calculator.