ABC revenue... or property tax hike?

By Mrs. Toby L. Page

This is in reference to the additional two cents property tax boost the Randolph County Commissioners just passed.

In the last two years the City of Randleman ABC store has had distributions totaling $330,000 for 6-30-07 and $305,000 for 6-30-06 among Law Enforcement, the City of Randleman, Randolph County Board of Education and the Randolph Hospital (public records from the North Carolina ABC Commission website,

Now back to the two cents property tax increase----do you, the citizens of Asheboro, think these distributions could offset some of the property tax increase? YES they can!!!

I agree with one thing Commission Haywood said "It’s not fair for property owners to have to support everything", but it is also not right for a sales tax increase to fund everything also.

Just think since the Randleman ABC store opened in 1965 (43 years) if the average distributions were $300,000 a year, how many property tax increases could that have funded? We have a terrific chance to help the Randolph County Commissioners and the Asheboro City Council with these budget issues in the future.

I did see last week where the Montgomery County Commissioners left the property tax rate the same for the upcoming year. Could this be because the citizens just passed the alcohol vote and it will increase the county’s revenues in the next year? JUST A THOUGHT Asheboro!!

I am not sure Asheboro’s issues are with alcohol itself. Could it be the voters of Asheboro are not ready for the growth and economic development that could be headed our way? Are we worried about the drugs, gang violence, and alcohol abuse that could be related with the sell of alcohol? Hello, these things are already here, so could we not use the extra revenues to assist our law enforcement and other departments with controlling these issues? Just think about it, if we have ways to raise additional monies in the city and county, should we not take advantage of them instead of the county raising our property taxes and the city going up on our water/sewer rates?

It is time to step up and let Asheboro move into the future. Vote FOR on July 29, 2008, and help keep the funds at home and not send them to our neighbors.